Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Saturday...

This Saturday our church and some other churches will be performing. We all have to show something that has to do with christmas. We have practice at church everyday after school. The priest put us into groups of two so two church's come together and practice one item.

I really enjoy practicing with other church's because we get to meet new people and make friends. I go to Panmure E.F.K.S it is a christian church.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tagata Pasifika

Today was our lucky day because Tagata Pasifika came to our class room and did some filming. We were going to be shown on Tagata Pasifika on channel one.

The reason why they were here is because they were filming and interviewing us to see what we think what Christmas is all about. Some students in our class were very lucky to be filmed and interviewed. The interviewers name was Osone Okesene.

Vaha and Tule were the first to be filmed, Vaha said that it was very hard and unexpected. It sure looked hard. They were also filming us making our decoration with play dough.

It was really fun experiencing what it would be like in the future on TV. I had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Netbook Reflection

It has been such a great year! Using our netbooks have been a really good challenge for us because some of us when we first received our netbooks didn't even know how to use it.

What I've liked about having a netbook is that I have something to do then rather sitting around doing nothing, watching T.V, eating and not doing my chores.

I just hate when the Internet is so slow because sometimes we cant do anything fun so we have to do it on Gedit text editor and application on our netbooks.

Things have really changed since I've gotten my netbook because my reading age has gone a lot higher because I've been reading more stuff on the Internet. Learning has also gone really fun because of our netbooks.

I've loved having my netbook.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Terrific Tennis

Terrific We were all lined up excited and ready to go to our first tennis session. His name was Marcel, he was a professional tennis coach from Auckland tennis club. The reason why we have tennis every Wednesday is because, every term we get to learn a new sport. The last sport we learning about was Aussie Rules (Kiwi Kick).

First he taught us how to hold a tennis racket they way it was meant to be held because, some of us were holding it like we were playing cricket. We were told to pair up with someone on the other side of the tennis net. It was to see who could it the ball to their partner and back the most. My partner was Victoria and we weren't really that good at it. I really enjoyed our first session with Marcel. I couldn't wait for second.

We were walking to tennis feeling excited. We got started straight away. First he taught us some tricks we could do using the tennis racket and the ball. Soon after that we were put into teams of 8. In those teams we had play against the others. The rule was who ever won their game got to move to the top of the court. Our team had won 2 games and lost 1. It was stink because it started to rain. We were all guttered that we had to stop our session. I had an awesome time at tennis I really improved from last week. I can not wait till Next week.

Through out all the sports we've learnt this year I think my favourite ones would be badminton and tennis.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Skills

This morning Ms Tito gave us a thinking activity. We had to solve a problem using the 5 objects we were given. We were focusing on our logical and thinking skills. We got put into groups of 3. How problem we had to solve was how will you get a cat down from the tree using these 6 objects. I had really fun listening to all the other peoples ideas on how they would solve their problem.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Very Close Game Against All Blacks And France.

“GO FRANCE!” My dad was screaming as the French team were walking up while the All Blacks were doing the haka, my whole family were cheering for them, I knew that this was going to be a really good game.

Brrrt, as Piri Weepu had kicked the ball, it was an amazing start to the game. my dad, my brother and I were cheering the loudest. We were all dissapointed when Tony Woodcock got a try we knew at that time, that All Blacks might win.

After half time the french were playing really well. Soon after that they tumbled through their opositons then passed the ball to the magnificent Thiery Dusautoir and he got the try. The house felt like it was shaking from all the jumping by my family. YES! my dad shouted when he got the conversion.

At the end the winning team was the All Blacks. We were very disappointed that France lost. My favourite rugby player was Thiery Desautoir, he got the man of the match and Player of the year. I was so happy when they announced that news.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maths Whizz.

In our class room we have been doing maths whizz. We all took a test to see where we were at. We go on tutor mode and practise our maths. Here is what I am learning what to do.