Thursday, November 3, 2011

Terrific Tennis

Terrific We were all lined up excited and ready to go to our first tennis session. His name was Marcel, he was a professional tennis coach from Auckland tennis club. The reason why we have tennis every Wednesday is because, every term we get to learn a new sport. The last sport we learning about was Aussie Rules (Kiwi Kick).

First he taught us how to hold a tennis racket they way it was meant to be held because, some of us were holding it like we were playing cricket. We were told to pair up with someone on the other side of the tennis net. It was to see who could it the ball to their partner and back the most. My partner was Victoria and we weren't really that good at it. I really enjoyed our first session with Marcel. I couldn't wait for second.

We were walking to tennis feeling excited. We got started straight away. First he taught us some tricks we could do using the tennis racket and the ball. Soon after that we were put into teams of 8. In those teams we had play against the others. The rule was who ever won their game got to move to the top of the court. Our team had won 2 games and lost 1. It was stink because it started to rain. We were all guttered that we had to stop our session. I had an awesome time at tennis I really improved from last week. I can not wait till Next week.

Through out all the sports we've learnt this year I think my favourite ones would be badminton and tennis.