Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Skills

This morning Ms Tito gave us a thinking activity. We had to solve a problem using the 5 objects we were given. We were focusing on our logical and thinking skills. We got put into groups of 3. How problem we had to solve was how will you get a cat down from the tree using these 6 objects. I had really fun listening to all the other peoples ideas on how they would solve their problem.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Very Close Game Against All Blacks And France.

“GO FRANCE!” My dad was screaming as the French team were walking up while the All Blacks were doing the haka, my whole family were cheering for them, I knew that this was going to be a really good game.

Brrrt, as Piri Weepu had kicked the ball, it was an amazing start to the game. my dad, my brother and I were cheering the loudest. We were all dissapointed when Tony Woodcock got a try we knew at that time, that All Blacks might win.

After half time the french were playing really well. Soon after that they tumbled through their opositons then passed the ball to the magnificent Thiery Dusautoir and he got the try. The house felt like it was shaking from all the jumping by my family. YES! my dad shouted when he got the conversion.

At the end the winning team was the All Blacks. We were very disappointed that France lost. My favourite rugby player was Thiery Desautoir, he got the man of the match and Player of the year. I was so happy when they announced that news.