Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Highlight Of Term 2

This term has been fantastic. My highlight of the term was actually finishing our project we were given. I was very pleased when Ms Tito said that it was completed. Our project was to design furniture for the street and make it a place we love and respect in our senior block. My other highlight of the term was playing netball and rugby for the school.

The Design Process

This term we have been working through the design process. The first step was to identify a need. Our need was to make the street a place we love and respect and by doing that we had to design furniture for it.

We got to choose what we could design. There were plenty of options but Vaha and I decided we would go with partitions/walls. We researched for some ideas using our netbooks so that we knew what it looked like. We made sure that it was safe, practical, creative, and innovative.

The following step was generating ideas. We had to modify it to make it our own. When we were generating ideas we had to make sure we were able to visualise and image and new ideas.

I really liked working through the design process and seeing how it works. Vaha and I enjoyed it so much. Hopefully we have time to finish it and get to build it. This is our finish product.