Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Volcano

On the second week of school room nineteen drew some volcanoes. The first thing we did was go over the outline of the volcanoes with chalk. Then we had to colour it in with pastel. We are still waiting for the Indian ink so we haven't completed it yet.

The Legend Of Mt Taranaki

For those of you who don't know Mt Taranaki here is a little story that tells you about what happened in Mt Taranaki life. One day a long long time ago Mt Taranaki fell in love with a beautiful maden Pihanga . Pihanga was also the wife of Tongariro. Tongariro bursted out with ash,fire , rocks, and burning lava he was really angry. His eruption caused the earth to shake violently. Taranaki started to cry, his tear created the whanganui river. When he was defeated he moved to the coast and their was his final resting place.