Friday, August 6, 2010

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly

On the first day of school every term we have an Immersion Assembly. You might be thinking what’s an Immersion assembly? Well an Immersion assembly is an assembly when all the teachers dress up to give us a clue what this terms topic might be.

At our school we have 5 teams of teachers. Each team of teachers have a chance to go on to the stage and introduce themselves.

The topic that I remember the most is ‘Up Up And Away’ because it was so amazing when the hot air balloon came to our school and also when the police helicopter came as well it was so awesome.

I love Immersion Assembly’s and I’m pretty sure you’ll love them to.

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  1. Kia ora Etta, sounds like those assemblies are really exciting and that it was an awesome time when the Helicopter and Air Balloon came to your school. Maybe you can add some pictures next time to show what they looked like. Ka pai!
    Matua Willis


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