Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our First Netball Session

On Thursday the 5th of May we had a netball session with Emma. She is a helper from the Auckland netball courts. When we got to the hard courts Emma was waiting there. It looked like she was ready to teach us some super netball skills.

First we learnt some dynamic stretches like high knee’s, but flicks and the great vine. I already knew those stretches because those we’re some of the stretches we would do before our netball game.

After we learnt some skills we had a game of corner ball. we we’re split in to two mixed groups boys and girls. Our game was really fun it went really well . It was similar to netball but instead of a hoop there we’re cones.

I really enjoyed our netball session. I am really excited for our next netball session.

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  1. Hello Etta I really like your blog post that you posted
    you are a star at net ball and rugby and i hope you get far I just think you need to proof read your work before you post it other than that you were awesome Keep It Up Etta


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