Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 Challenge

‘Hooray!’ our class shouted when we heard Ms Tito say that today was going to be really fun. The whole of team 5 were going to have a fun challenge on the bottom field. After morning tea we were asked to get changed in to a change of clothes and line up. There were 4 stations we had to go to and at each station there was a teacher.

The first station we went to was Ms Tito’s. The point of Ms Titos game was to get any ball in to any hoop. There were different kinds of shapes and sizes of balls. 2 strong people had hold the big sling shot so that we could get in the hoop and so it wouldn’t be a hassle for us. The class who gets more balls in the hoop gets water balloons after lunch. At the end only Ms Tito and Ben got it in.

Our second activity was with Mr Harris. He told the rules and the instructions first so that we knew what to do instead of just mucking around. We had to get in to pairs. My partner was Maree. There was a piece of string, a spoon and a tennis ball. With the string we had to tie it around my left leg and her right leg then hold the tennis with the spoon and walk to the other side and back. Who ever came first were in the finals. Too bad Maree and I didn't come first.

My favourite station was Mrs Nua’s. It was my favourite because it involved getting wet. There was a bucket full of water in front of each line with a sponge inside and a empty bucket at the each of the line. We had to try get the water to the other side in the sponge by doing it in a routine. It was side, under, side, under. At the end line one which was my group had the most water.

I’d like to say thank you to all the teachers that were involved yesterday. It was a really fun day I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we get to do this another time.

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