Thursday, November 18, 2010



Ants are found practically anywhere on land. They have 6 legs ,feelers and transparent wings. Ants also live together in colonies and as a army to feed and defend their homes. The queens job is to lay eggs so that they can have more workers and defenders for their colony. From mid Summer to the end of Autumn swarming males and females go on a nuptial flight. The females shed their wings and the survivor's search out and establish a new colony.

(Extra Facts!)
1.Black ants while a nuisance in the home also clean up waste and some pets in the garden.
2.Red ants may sting people.
3.The Maori name for ant is popokorua.
4.Nuptial means marriage or weddings.
5.Swarming means flying around.
6.Industrious means hard working.
7.Transparent means to see through something.
8.Colony is a group of ants.

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