Monday, November 22, 2010

Surf Life Saving Ed

It was a amazing start to the day when I heard that we were on our way to Mairangi bay. We all jumped in the bus feeling ecstatic . It was a long ride but we finally arrived. Mrs Nua told us our parent helpers and who were in our groups. We all got in to our groups and travelled up stairs to the room. Megan, Rosie, Rechal, and Bailey introduced them selves then they told us the schedule for the day. First thing we did was we went for a tour around the beach.

It was time for morning tea we all got our bags from up stairs and ate. After we ate our morning tea we had a little play around. We went up stairs to the life guards room and learnt a few simple rules to remember while we were at the beach. When we had learnt the rules we played some beach games. Our first exciting game we played was bull rush touch on the sand. Me and Rachael both tripped up and fell. After we played Bull rush touch Megan told us after we finished eating our lunch to get changed in to our togs ready for some water activities

It was time for lunch. We ate our lunch and got changed into our togs as Megan instructed us to. Lunch time had finished we were all feeling excited to be in the water. Megan told us where the boundaries were and what water activities we were doing. When I heard Boogie boarding I could hardly wait. We all ran in the water with excitement.

We all felt sad when we heard that it was nearly time to go. We got out of the water had got hosed down. Everybody was changed and was ready to go home. Before we hoped in the bus Tanielu said our thank you to the life guards that were helping us all day.

During a ride home on the bus we sang some songs and said some jokes it was pretty funny you all should've came it was a fun time . I hope we go to Mairangi Bay another time and have heaps more fun.

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