Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Grandma

I really think my grandma is a success not only because she has lived to 83 years, but many other reasons like this. My grandma married a Samoan priest and became what is known in Samoa as a ‘faletua’ which is in English the priests wife. The faletua in Samoan culture does all of the jobs in the church and runs the Sunday school. This is a very hard job in Samoan culture. She also survived her husbands death as well as one of her sons death. This was heart breaking for her but shes still with us stronger than ever! I love my grandma . I love her heaps!!!


  1. Hello Etta its Jaylee here I was just popping in to add a comment on Marees blog but then i saw my grandma on your blog picture. I really loved the way you explained what a Faletua is and I know what it is but think you just need to add a little more detail to get the reader fully detailed other than that you are awesome.

  2. Hi Etta, I didn't know that your grandfather was a priest. Thank you for sharing this story about your Grandma.
    I love the picture of you and Charin - very cute small children you were.
    Miss King

  3. Kia ora Etta
    I love what you wrote about your Grandma and I bet she'd be very proud of you.
    Your Grandmas story is very similar to mine. I loved my nana too and she lived to the wonderful age of 96. She was a dedicated Christian and ran Sunday School and Chritian camps every school holidays.
    Thank you for teaching me about 'Faletua' and yes it is a hard job but I bet your grandma loved it as much as my nana.
    I agree with Miss King you little cuties
    Ms T xx

  4. Hi Etta I am really sorry about your grandma. You must really miss her I never knew that your grandma was a priest which your family says faletua in Samoa. I really like your story about your grandma it makes me want to cry.

  5. Hi Etta. THis is an awesome piece of writing which is very well written, seeing as I wrote you stealer..


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