Thursday, June 16, 2011

Science Road Show

Last week on Thursday the senior classes went down to the road show. We had to pay $7 to get in to the show.
It was held at Tamaki College. We all walked down class by class. It is part of our topic Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Before we left Ms Tito put us into groups of 4-6.I was one of the leaders for one group. In my group was me and 4 others ,Teari, Destiny, David and Ben. Ms Tito gave some digital cameras and flip cameras to some people to get some footage of the exhibit. Each group got given a work sheet to do but only I did it by myself the rest of my group were off goofing around the place.

My favourite exhibit was the theromen one. You put your hands over these metal plates and it would make a pitchy noise whether you put your hand close or far way. The one that I didn't like the most was the bubbling liquid because when I tried it, it didn't work.

I had a really good time at the road show hopefully there's going to be one next year. Fingers cross

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